• Bunker + Medical Rescue + Bad Guys
    During some solo play I decided to run some bunkers and managed to get myself incapacitated. Luckily, a friendly neighborhood medic came to rescue me.But then, as tends to happen in Star Citizen, things went sideways.
  • Sniping at Jumptown
    What happens when the hunters become the hunted?
  • IAE 2951 – Come play with Shackfleet!
    ShackFleet would like to welcome you to the Star Citizen 2951 Intergalactic Aerospace Expo! Over the next 2 weeks, Star Citizen is Free to Download and Play! Plus we will have a few GIVEAWAYS of a full copy of Star Citizen to a few lucky participants at the end. There will be over 100 ships … Read More
  • Profession Based Gameplay
    I’m a profession guy. I think everyone approaches games from their own personal angle, but in my case, and in particular Star Citizen’s case, I like to think about what I will do in the ‘verse. So let’s look at the current, near term, and future of profession-based gameplay. Where are we now? You can … Read More
  • Congratulations to Argo & the MPUV Cargo!